Entry #1

Wow... THIS is pointless.

2008-05-04 00:14:10 by CdyVnd

I don't know why I bother to write this because I have no one who looks at this page. I am just wasting time away- procrastinating other things I have to do. I have been playing GTA IV for the past six or seven hours and am too frustrated to continue right now, so I decided to take a break to study for an exam. Got up to my computer and realized that I didn't want to... go figure. I decided to take a small time to draw something since I can't really animate to a proper standard and haven't done anything beside making videos lately. And guess what popped into my head when brainstorming? GTA IV!! Threw this together, simply out of boredom- I hope everyone who looks at this can get a laugh or enjoy it. Oh wait...


Wow... THIS is pointless.


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2008-05-04 00:35:18

I read that.

CdyVnd responds:

Thanks very much, glad to know someone did- my efforts weren't completely worthless.